RideAbout65 is Done but not Finished – Many Buckets left to Empty!


The basic premise of RideAbout65 (see About RideAbout) was to ride my motorcycle to the four corners of the U.S. and perhaps a little beyond in the case of Nova Scotia. I decided that I would split the travel into four separate solo motorcycle trips so as to make the scheduling a little easier to sell to family and clients. Also, the separate trips allowed for a more relaxed schedule for each trip.  With the completion of the Four Corners I decided to press on with more buckets.  The Four Corners trips can be reviewed at Table of Contents Numbers 2 through 5.  The ride to Devils Tower (Table of Contents Number 1) was a warm-up for the Four Corners Series.

The next bucket emptied was to attend Rolling Thunder – it exceeded my expectations in so many ways – read about it at Table of Contents Number 6.

The upcoming buckets yet to be emptied are a partial Route 66 ride and meet-up with old friends in California for the First Annual Leo Lake Memorial Ride up the Pacific Coast Highway and surrounding area.

So as I mentioned in the title of this post – This is not the end of the blog…there are still many buckets left to empty!


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Buckets Emptied:

Devils Tower – ☑

Four-Corners – ☑

Rolling Thunder – ☑


Tom Carter
Franklin, Tennessee

Mechanical Engineering Consultant

Motorcycle Rider/ Racer/ Tester

Husband/ Dad/ Grandfather/ Great-Grandfather

Planet Earth Arrival 1947

First rode a motorcycle around 1958

Still riding today…