RideAbout65.4 – Day 22 – Coos Bay, OR to Eureka, CA via Pacific Coast Highway 101


Total distance: 233.86 mi
Download file: Day-22c.gpx


Today’s Mileage: 234 miles

Total Trip Mileage so far: 4398 miles

I am listening to:  Bob Seger and Bonnie Raitt


The ride down from Coos Bay to Eureka was chilly, foggy, and windy as highway 101 tracked south along the Pacific coast.  The fog over the ocean really did not go away all day so all photos of the ocean just show the coast line.  The road was good and sections were curvy and fun.  As I got south of Crescent City groves of redwoods lined the road in many places.  These groves must have been fairly young because while the trees were big, they were not the huge monsters everyone thinks of when you say, “redwoods”.

Still meeting lots of friendly folk at every stop – the Tennessee license plate really does it.  The most common question is still, “Did you ride all the way from Tennessee on that?”

When I got to Eureka I called my friend Mark to get recommendations on a good route.  There is a wildfire between Eureka and Redding that I will have to go around.  Mark gives me a route that he says I will enjoy and gets me south of the fire.  Mark and I were in the air force together at Edwards AFB and rode dirt bikes there together.  I have not seen him since the early 80’s and I have never met his wife Karen.  I am looking forward to seeing them tomorrow when I get to Redding.

Got to start deciding on a route out of Redding going East…




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